Ivorist Scientific Technology Co. was initially established in Kaohsiung in 1978 as a dealer for selling scientific instruments.  The business began in South of Taiwan only.  During the first few years, we built very good relationship with many customers by providing them high quality products and the best after-service.  Afterward we started the contact with manufacturers in US, Europe and Japan, and represented their products as exclusive distributor in Taiwan.  Ivorist turned to be a professional instrument distributor, the reputation was accumulated since then.

With the stable growth of the company, our business was expanded to cover the whole Taiwan, and the branch offices in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan were set up to meet the demand of market.  In 1995, Ivorist Scientific Technology Co. was renamed as Ivorist International Co., Ltd. and gradually equipped with four sales departments, Laboratory/Instruments Dept., Life Science Equipment Dept., Petro- & Petrochemical Equipment Dept. and Materials & Chemicals Industries Equipment Dept.

With our continuous effort and all sincerity for running long-term business, we have been always providing our customers with fine and quality service. Undoubtedly, the total turnover of the company has increased rapidly from year to year.  Ivorist has won a good name of the qualified distributor among the manufacturers and local customers. Thus, in 1995, Ivorist gained a chance to become a partner of C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG, a German company, to handle it's Asia business.  Gerhardt Asia was formed under Ivorist's Petro- & Petrochemical Equipment Dept. and responsible for the support of marketing, sales, after-service, application and coordination for all the Gerhardt Asian distributors.  To our exertion and the fine cooperation of our partners, Gerhardt business in Asia is improving very steadily.

In 2011 due to the extensive growth of the company, Ivorist's four departments decided to form their respective companies.  Ivorist Scientific Technology Corp. has been founded for the Petro- & Petrochemical Equipment Dept.  Except the original business under this department, Ivorist Scientific Technology Corp. broadens the scope of Asia business with more manufacturers, finding a qualified distributor in each country is still the main task for us, and the consective good support for the distributors plays also the important role.  Furthermore, we also engage in export business for Taiwan made instruments.  It's our target to be a very valued supplier of products with expertise for our customers in Taiwan, on the other hand, to be a capable partner for manfacturers to expand their foreign business.

In the past three decades Ivorist has been acting as leading company in the distributor work, and to date, we, Ivorist Scientific Technology Corp., will hold it's spirit to develop a new innovative decade and meet the demand of the global diverse market.